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Just got in from 'hitting people with sticks' practice *aches* Oh, it's been... over three months since the last time I put on the armour, and boy does my body know it *G*

The good news, the knee felt pretty damn good, and I didn't really have to think about it at all the whole night. The bad news, well, aside from the fact that my stamina sucks again, I kinda popped something out of joint in my wrist, so that's a little sore. We'll see how it fares at the gym tomorrow.

But I must say, it was a hell of a lot of fun fighting again. I think, like the writing, my general interest in things is starting to pick up again, which is really a good thing, because I've been so gorram 'blah' about everything lately, it feels really good to be in the mood to actually go out and do things again, to *want* to do things.

I'm happy.

Tomorrow I hit the Y after work, and then the dreaded groceries (or I'll have nothing left to eat that's low carb).

Wednesday, bloodwork! Yay I get to fast for 12 hours, aren't I lucky? Getting tested for underactive thyroid, diabetes and similar fun type stuff to try and see why I'm feeling so tired all the time. So, nothing but water for me until after the blood is drawn. Then, it's dinner and a movie with my Mom and Dad, which will be nice. I'm looking forward to it. Have no idea what we'll see, but we're eating at the Mongolian grill. Yummy stir fry! All you can eat, and after fasting for the day, I'll be taking good advantage of that *G*

Thursday, back to the Y.

Friday, we stain the wood in the bedroom! Whee!

Saturday, roleplaying at the hubby's brother's place.

Busy week ahead!
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I am *cold* this morning! *brrr*

Fight practice last night was great. )


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