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Yeah, so.. we decided once a week was too long between posts, so we'll be publishing Mondays and Thursdays now *GRIN* I didn't think it would take long :o)

So, the newest comic is up! [ profile] drews_end, and don't forget to check out all the info and news at the Drew's End blog,

Drew's End, conquering the world two days a week at a time! ;oD

Oh! I almost forgot! Just in case you get the wrong idea about the little 'Spunk' copyright notice... Spunk is the cheerful fellow in the picture frame on the wall. He was a character from the Dr. Pork comic, written and drawn back in the day by the multi-talented [ profile] onemoreshadow. Just so's you know ;o)
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Today's the day!

We've just posted our first 'official' comic over at [ profile] drews_end!

Thursday's the day (with a second day a week a definate possibility)so I hope you'll check it out and follow along as we tell our little tales :o)

For more news and information and the Drew's End blog, visit today!


Aug. 21st, 2007 10:02 pm
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I'm all a-squee with myself tonight :oDDDD

Doing more work on the webcomic layout... I added the link to the archives and customized the calendar, and I must say it looks effing Sweet!! I'm feeling very clever for figuring out how to set it up all pretty the way I wanted (yay me!) and I can't stop looking at it! Hee!

I am totally loving this .css customizing stuff!!

So, please, take a look at it and let me know what you think!
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After a few hours of designing some graphics and fiddling with some css, [ profile] drews_end has its basic layout setup, so be kind and take a peek!

I'm fairly happy with how it looks so far, and my design time has been significantly reduced considering the first layout I did took me upwards of five days, and this one only five hours.

We're thinking of updating once a week once we officially launch, probably thursdays or fridays, though I wouldn't be surprised if we aim for twice a week before long :o)

ETA: HAH! Forgot I have to do all the settings for the friends pages and comments pages now that we have a paid account! A whole bunch of new things to customize! So, it ain't perfect yet, but it's gettin' there ;oD
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So, hubby and I have decided to start doing our own webcomic. It's been something that we've thought about on and off for a while, and suddenly the time just seems right.

So, to start off (until I learn all the fancy that is web design these days) we're going to use an LJ account called [ profile] drews_end. Right now there's just a basic set up, no layout to speak of until we come up with how we want it to look, logo design, what kind of content we want, oh yeah, and draw it ;o) We're very much in the proto stages right now, but feel free to head on over and check it out periodically.

I'll be sure to update when we get to an 'official launch' type situation :o)


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