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Got my second Tattoo tonight!! Very very happy with it! Pictures behind the cut!

Tattoo Picspam )
browncoat2x2: Painting of C-3PO on Tattooine (GIR I love that show)
Today's the day I get my second Tattoo! I'm not sure if this one is going to hurt more or less than the one on my back, but I'm excited!! I hope to have pictures tonight!!!
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... from Tattoo number two!

Yes, I'm getting another. Already. :oD

We went in to book the appointment tonight, next tuesday, 4:00.

The hubby's getting a celtic cross on his left forearm - the cross matches a pendent he gave me years ago. I'm getting a norse serpent, the one I use for my heraldry in my medieval group. These tattoos are a bit bigger and more expensive than the last two, but we wanted to get them done before summer really hits since you can't go swimming or expose them to direct sunlight for three weeks - just in time for our trip to the east coast :oD

So. Yeah. hee hee! I'm excited again!

In other news.... I finally shipped Grumm off to [ profile] terimaru yesterday. He should arrive in about one week! You can see pictures of him in his community [ profile] grumm_sees_you! I painted my GIR sculpture, but I coudln't get the right blue for his eyes and accents, so I had to do the best I could. He looks good though, his mouth looks perfect! hee! I'll post pictures later..

Ummm, let's see, what else....

Hubby and I bought some herbs on the weekend and some peppers, which we've now planted in some planters. We're bringing them inside during the night as it's still pretty cold here after dark, but soon it will be warm enough to leave them out all the time. We got some basil, rosemary, mint, oregano, and a few other things. I hope they live! :oD

We took everything out of the shed on the weekend and then our neighbour was throwning away four of his park style benches so we asked him for them. The wood is rotten, but the irons are fine, so... Project!! :oD

Umm... that's all for now I guess...Saw Spiderman 3, but I'm not in the mood to write a review ;oP We've got a wedding this weekend, and one the following week too, so busy busy in the near future!

I hope everyone's having a fine spring so far! *hugs and kisses to all*
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Had to wait three hours before I could take the bandage off and take a picture, but here it is!

2x2's First Tattoo! )
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Well world, I'm about to depart to go pick up the hubby and get inked. *shivers in anticipation* Yes, today is Tattoo day! I'm so excited! and a wee bit nervous the closer it gets, but excited! I'm thinking of taking our new camera to record some history :oD

Update tonight when I get back, and maybe even pictures!!!!


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