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So! Many! Shirts!

T-Shirt Making Shindig yesterday was quite the event :o) I think in total, there were 15 adults and 2 kids here at my house, the first arriving about 11:30 am and the last leaving around 9:30 pm! Good day!!!

People seemed to be having a blast, and there was a whole production line thing going on, with designated spooners, and screeners, and people who held the screen, and people who centred the screen, and people who washed up... it was non stop screening fun! And the shirts!!! The shirts were EVERYWHERE! Every available hanging place had a t-shirt, and just about every available hanger I had was employed, and the rest of the shirts were carefully folded, or draped over lamps, or on the front porch, or the back of chairs... it was unbelievable. We did well over 50 shirts, I have no doubt.

[ profile] elizalavelle went out and brought back more paint when we ran out of white, including a jar of Gold, which was a HUGE hit. Suddenly there were gold screened shirts everywhere... new images added to the backs of already done shirts - the gold on red BlueSun logos were stunning!!!

And I just have to point out that I had NOTHING to do with Kevin deciding to try out the Canadian Browncoats logo that I didn't think worked very well, and that everyone liked how it looked in gold and scrambled to get it on the backs of their shirts - so [ profile] artemis_prime, it was not my fault!!! ;o)

There was of course some Firefly and Serenity watching... I know they got through the movie, and I saw they were on the second disc of Firefly before the night was over.

[ profile] artemsis_prime and I took a little time out for some guitar playing up in my *very-messy-that-no-one-was-supposed-to-see* sewing/music room, which was fun. I so very rarely get to actually sit and *PLAY* with anyone!

All in all it was a great day, and we're already talking about having another one in the fall *G*

Unfortunately, we didn't get many pictures this year... so hopefully people will take a few of their own shirts and put them up, cuz there were some specatular ones - my personal favourite was definately [ profile] elizalavelle's Buffy shirt, gold on purple... with the gold bluesun on red my next fav I think. Might have to make one of those myself *G*
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I hosted my first Shindig on Saturday!!

Five browncoats from the Toronto area made the trek to my place for a day of Silk Screening!
All together, I think we screened 20 sides, starting at 11 am and ending around 10 pm. Long day! but it was a load of fun, and I had a really great time meeting some browncoats. This was only my second shindig, and my first hosting, and I definately plan on hanging out with these folks again, and, luckily, I'll see them all next weekend at the Charity Screening! Yay!!

And, for those of you interested, here's a link to several, if not all, of the shirts we did throughout the day!

See the Shirts!

We took a break to eat pizza and watch Out of Gas and Ariel, listened to the Firefly and Serenity soundtrack while we worked, and had many discussions about our favourite show. Browncoats are definately some of the best people to hang out with! There was no awkwardness, we all just had a really good time together, being smart asses, making jokes, a ton of fun!

Shindigs are great!


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