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Heaven is a soft peppermint stick, hand dipped in fine, dark belgian chocolate... *humms happily*

What is not so heaven, is paying $32 for two tins, plus another $18 for shipping, PLUS another $22 for brokerage to Frelling UPS!!!

So my one tin of 26 sticks works out to approximately... $1.40 per stick. BUT THEY ARE SOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!!

I've GOT to find someone local to buy from tho... that's insane.

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So, Uterina and Braina are on their way to Germany, in a voyage that almost wasn't!

I went to my local UPS store where a friend of mine works, who, unfortunately, was not there today (due to the fact that he was having surgery to repair damage to his cuticle after his finger got broken in a strange accident at fight practice when his finger somehow became exposed outside of his protective basket hilt, and my husband's sword hit it. Karma is a wonderful thing) so I had to deal with less competant other girl who works there.

Spent half an hour filling out UPS's forms and waiting to be served (with my friend away, she was short handed - which is kinda a pun, when you consider it was cuz he hurt his hand... *cough*) Anyway. Got my package all weighed up and filled out and entered into the computer only to hear "Cheapest I can do is $115."

When I picked my jaw up off the floor and felt my heart sink into my shoes (because there's just no way I could spend that much money to send something homemade that doesen't even *have* a monetary value) she informed me I could send it via Canada Post instead - for a fee since this was a UPS store.

$18 later, 2x2's heart has climbed back up to her waist at least, and Uterina and Braina are dumped in a tub to await travel by truck, boat, train, and truck again, to the far away land of Germany. With luck, they will arrive in about six weeks. *head!desk* I wish it could be sooner :o/

Apparently, UPS didn't even off the option of ground (read boat) service, anything international is automatically set as AIR, Expedited. Hun dans.

Anyway, they're on their way, due to arrive around... July *moans*


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