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Had today off (have tomorrow off too) and have made 4 of the necessary screens for sunday - three of which need touchups :o/ I dunno if the emulsion was just too old, or I had the water too hot, but I decided not to risk it with the old emulsion and went out and bought a new gallon. I also picked up 4 new colours, a differnt yellow, different orange, different blue and different green, so I have more variety. $100 bucks later... Oh well.

Finally got around to putting up a couple of things in the sitting room that I've been meaning to put up. Bought some lenght of chain to hang my lanterns properly. Now I need to sew the accent curtains.

Not sure if I'll get to my new bliaut or not (and my house is supposed to be dressing as Saxons anyway, not Normans, so I don't know what I'm going to do) but I should have everythign ready for the shindig at least.

And now... on to my next post - Tattoo Day!
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Holy Gawd, I am tired...

Just spent another 3 hours today working on the bedroom. We did four hours yesterday. I'm achey. Honestly, you wouldn't believe how taxing this can be :o) but we've started the final wall, so things are nearing the end...until we stain *G*

Yesterday we went to the Y again, this time we just walked a mile on the track and then went for a swim, but I'm actually feeling it, in combination with everything else. I've got a sore back under my left shoulder blade that is annoying, my left foot has a muscle pain on the bottom (but I've had that since I hurt my knee, pretty sure that's a compensatory thing) and worst of all!!!! I've got water in my ear. Ugh. I hate that. Must.Get.It.Out!

In other news, I finished season 2 of The L Word yesterday. I'm still liking the show, but what I don't like is how it's become a venue to showcase music artists every week, so we always get the singing part of the episode which does nothing to advance the plot, it's just showing off some lesbian performer or another. You can't do *everything* with one show, you know? I remember Due South used to do a similar thing, in that they would use Canadian artists every week on the show, particularly the Holly Cole Trio, which drove me nuts. That's not what the gorram show is about, people! Anyway, I'll have to download season 3 now in hopes of more Shane/Carmen love!!!

Watched Flushed Away last night, and I have to say, it was a hell of a lot funnier than I was expecting. I mean, I laughed out loud, on more than one occassion, and that's not common for me. So, definately reccomending it.

Now, I'm going to find a drink, some food, and I'm gonna crash out on the couch for a couple of hours. Then it's over to Mom's for a turkey dinner!! Awesome!


Nov. 30th, 2006 05:06 pm
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This seems to be the week of the dentist, and while my visit last night (second in a week) was nothing near as traumatic [ profile] agent_rouka's, it was still annoying as hell. They froze my tongue, well, half of it. Ugh. It took forever to 'thaw' too.

Today, I am mostly pouty about the 'feel' of the new filling... it doesn't feel 'right' yet, or like a 'real' tooth, and isn't that just a few too many 'quotes' in one sentence?

Grr. Arg. Stoopid tooth...

On the plus side, I almost finished one curtain last night, and will complete it, and its mate tonight, so watch for curtain pic!spam appearing soon. :o)

Everybody likes the pictures! *G*
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Good Morning, Flist!!!
Having recovered from a week of the LJ blahs, I bring you What's Goin' On with teh 2x2? (Warning: LOTS of Pics behind the Cut) )
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After many hours of painting and painting and painting, and fighting with uneven bamboo mats, and figuring out how to put up the bamboo blind that came without instructions, and setting up everything, my sitting room is near its completion.

I have things to put up on the walls yet, and curtains to buy, and another bamboo blind and a beaded curtain to install, but the majority is done, and I now have a lovely eastern themed sitting room! Squee!

Here are a few pictures: )
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.... the painting....

.... is done....

.... thank god....

(with the exception of the inside of the air vent, which still needs to be painted black, but not a big deal.)

All told I have spent some 10 hours, and my husband some 9 hours, painting my sitting room over the last four days. And let me tell you, painting trim is teh suck!


omgsqueeitssopretty!!! :oD

I am very happy with how it's looking.

And now, out to pick up some un-nutritious KFC for dinner... What? You don't expect me to *cook* after that! ;o>
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I found a Buddha last night!

It's white ceramic, but not a glossy finish, but more of a dull finish to look like stone or marble. It's in the chinese style and is about a foot and a half high and wide at the base!

I'm very happy! We stopped at a different Home Sense (discout decor, eh?) on the way home from dropping off my Laptop (*Weeeps!* No laptop till Friday!!) and found the Buddha, and two glass hanging lanterns with orangish coloured glass, and a ceramic bamboo pillar candlestick. Neato! Soon I am going to have to look into paint and fabric.

Have still only found one suitable round carpet, and it's $300 frakkin' dollars, so I'm not likely buying that one. No luck with a table yet either. But, I'll keep looking.

I'll do a pic spam post soon, to show off all my shiny trinkets!


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