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I avoided it at first, but it kept popping up on my flist, so I finally went over and read this blog/rant that some 'feminist' wrote about Joss Whedon and Firefly. Have you heard about this?

I am... flabberghasted by this rant. It makes me extremely angry to read it. This woman is herself blinded by her hatred of men and men's position in society.

She describes every client of Inara's as her rapist/fucker, and persists in calling any man who has sex a rapist. She even goes so far to say that she has never heard of a successful relationship between a white man and a black woman.

I... The urge to reply to her is *so* strong, but this woman has already received far too much attention as it is, and she is not interested in debating her 'point of view', she simply deletes the comments she doesn't like.

Right off the bat, as she explains it, she rolls her eyes because Zoe calls Mal 'sir'. She takes immediate offence that the man is in charge, harping on the fact that Zoe 'follows Mal around and calls him sir' without acknowledging the military relationship they had.

There's more... there's *so* much more, and it's just mind-boggling.

The worst thing is, if presented in a respectful, intelligent and unbiased argument, there *are* certain lines and certain actions that, taken from a certain point of view, one could take as less than favourable to women, but she's so rabid and foul of mouth in her delivery that there's just no point in addressing any of it or trying to take it seriously. I'm sure it's very serious to her, but this woman has *Issues* with a capitol 'I'.

She focusses on the most negative spin she could possibly put on any characterisation or situation. For example, rather than saying Yay for Zoe being in the middle of the action and fighting - and beating up - the bad guys, all she sees is a woman getting hit by men. She doesn't see any of the other side. And that is the inherent flaw in her entire arguement. Blinded, utterly blinded.

I don't really want to put up a link to it here, because as I've said, I think it's gotten enough attention as it is, but if you haven't read it and you want to, I'm sure you can find it... if not, I'll give you the link if you really want it.

ETA: In re-reading this, I can see that it doesn't sound like much, but if you could feel the amount of anger behind my words right now... and don't confuse this for my obsession of Firefly, honestly. Yes, I read it because I am a fan of the show, but it's her man-hating narrow-mindedness - to the point that she is a detriment to real feminist progress - that I just can't get over and that pisses me off so much. It is no better to be a man-hater than it is to be a woman-hater, and I'm telling you that this woman feels so righteously justified for whatever reason - whatever experiences she's been through or whatever to form this bias - that there is just no common ground for her, no seeing the other side. It's all or nothing. Woman supreme, or let's blow up the world. It's so...... GRRAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHH! God damnit, it makes me angry!!
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I *HATE* the box.

That's the first thing I have to say about it. And I may be the only person in the 'verse, but I'm not particularly thrilled with the artwork either - what 'art work' actually - it's just that same TAMADE picture of Serenity that keeps getting used Over. And. Over. And. OVER. Every-gorram-where IAMGETTINGSOSICKOFSEEINGIT!!!!

Overall, I have to say I'm not impressed yet... The box is retarded. Not only is it bigger (taller) than a standard DVD box, but it's this stupid cardboard foldover box thing that - for the record - DOESN'T keep dust out!! My discs were covered in dust and the box itself was full of pieces of torn cardboard! (what the hell was that about?) And half an inch of clear plastic to hold each dvd - c'mon! WTF! Extra packing space just to make it look big and special! It's bullshit. I can see a homemade DVD cover in my futer - double dvd plastic case and a sleek Serenity logo on the front, nice and simple and elegant - not to mention safe from dust! Grr arg.

Basically, it looks like the only thing that will be new to me on the disc is the new commentary - I've seen all the other deleted/extended/outake scenes either on the first DVD or the Australian version (via you tube and elsewhere)... They didn't even bother to spruce up the menus!!! I mean, c'mon! It's a COLLECTOR'S EDITION!! Give us something worth collecting here... But no, the same style of menues as on the original disc, but instead of pictures bursting out the middle of the screen, we get~!!!!! - oh, yay - that same old picture of Serenity AGAIN, only with very phoney looking smokey stuff coming out of the engines while it sloooooowly drifts by.

So basically I shelled out $22 for a new commentary, and all I can say is, it better be damned good!!!

P.S. There was an add for QMx inside, that had the Serenity blueprints, and guess which picture of Serentiy is used for that? You guessed it! I swear to god, if I see that damned picture used again I'm gonna shoot something!!


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