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Saw the Simpson's movie yesterday. I'd heard that it was a story worthy of a movie length, that it needed that much time for everything to happen, and I guess it did. Still kinda felt like watching an extended episode though. Not that that's bad. There were some definate laugh out loud moments and a couple of fun things they couldn't have gotten away with on tv, but not really a lot - this wasn't Simpson's meets South Park by any stretch. But it was enjoyable, and I laughed, and I would recommend it to any Simpson's fan. Be sure to stay through the credits though, particularly for the Spider Pig theme and some of the other songs. Definately worth it.
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Yes, I'm home, on a day off from work again. My last one before the Christmas break. I had to use it this week or carry it over to next year, and since I'll be bumping up to 5 weeks vacation next year anyway, why bother carrying over one day?

So, I drove the hubby into work and came back home, surfed for a while, was about to FINALLY sit down and watch Marie Antoinette on my darlin' wifey's reccomendation only to discover that the one I got is in Italian :o/ I dont' speak Italian. Not even enough to fake it. So, I'm trying another copy, or I'm going to have to break down and watch a Camcorder version. Oh, the horror! ;o)

Let's see, what else is new?

I have a lovely new blankey from Old Navy, it's knitted earthy colours, beiges and greys and browns and a burngundy; very lovely and cuddly and I snuggle up under it on the couch all the time :oD

I also bought myself a new winter jacket. It's one of those three-in-one style coats. The shell is predominantly green, with a white stripe downt he arm and flaring off the side pockets, with !Pink! piping, and a pink stripe at hte pocket with a little embroidered snow flake on each pocket side. The zipper tags also have the little snowflake design. The inner jacket is white fleesey stuff on one side and !Pink! nylon with white piping on the other side - reversible, thank-you very much! I really really like it. It's got it's (!Pink!) girly aspects and yet it's still very me *G* $100 on sale, I was pretty pleased.

Things are getting busier and busier the closer we get to the holidays. Went shopping thursday night and finished a lot of the family's gifts; Friday night we did groceries, but spent the rest of the night in. Saturday we went to Todd's mom's for dinner with her sister and family, which was nice. We left early to meet up with our friends at Montana's for G's 40th birthday (I know soo many people turning 40 right now) and apparently our timing was impeccible, since they'd been waiting near 2 hours for a table and had just sat down and got menus when we arrived. Gotta like that. Sunday we drove to a little town called Picton for some Christmas shopping (Todd had heard an add on the raido advertising it as a Christmas shopping location) but everything was closed!!! It was still a nice day and nice time, but there were a lot of stores I would have liked to go in to.

Today, as I said, is a day off. Did some cleaning, plan to pick up my mother and go out for lunch shortly, and then I'll go pick up the hubby from work. Tonight we'll finish wrapping prezzies and do more cleaning for tomorrow night when we have Todd's family over for dinner.

Non stop action :o)

On the Firefly front, I am just completely astounded, impressed, awed and so so proud of our fandom, browncoats and BDH's after this weekend. No other group could have pulled off this weekend on all fronts so wonderfully. Hats off to you all!


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