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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] goldy_dollar!!!!!!

You're officially completely and utterly removed from your teen years now! Wheee! And 21 is my FAVOURITEST number of all, so it shall be a goood year for you *nods nods*

I hope you have a FABULOUS DAY and may all of Doctor Who Fandom finally see the light and realize you're right! *G*




MERRY ANNIVERSARY [ profile] agent_rouka!!!!

I can't believe it's been two years already - TWO YEARS!!!!

May you have the fluffiest of fluffy hair days, filled with delicious cups of coffee and surprise cake! (even if you buy some yourself, it's still a surprise *G*) and a day filled with inspiring artsy thoughts!


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Ten years ago today hubby and I were married. :o) Time sure flies when you're having fun :o)

I remember I was rushing around, getting my hair done, getting my make up ready, getting my dress on, getting my flowers, getting my picture taken at the house with my girls... and hubby... hubby was playing road hockey with his two brothers *GRIN*

I can't believe how quickly these ten years have passed. On the one hand it seems like just yesterday that we met and started dating, on the other, I can barely remember a time in my life without him by my side.

Originally we had planned to have a medieval wedding ceremony to renew our vows at ten years. But then we joined the medieval cult, and do medieval dressup every other weekend of the year, so that didn't hold as much appeal. So, it's the East Coast for us instead! We leave Saturday for a week long road trip to see what we can see. I can't wait, and there's no one I'd rather do it with :o)

These have been the best ten years of my life, and I can't wait for the next ten.

Love you, hunny bunny. :o)
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Having a few folks over tonight for some games in pre-celebration of our upcoming anniversary, which means... cleaning... ugh. At least everything will look nice once again :o)

Hope everyone has a lovely friday evening, full of whatever it is you like to do on fridays best!


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