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Friday: Went to a little wedding shower at my mom's for my cousin who is getting married in May. Played silly shower games. Laughed a lot. As much as I always dread going to those things, I had fun.
Ventured into some completely unexplored territory in RP which was exciting but hard to write and very likely will never see the light of day, but was still fun. I still have hopes that this one might turn into a real story someday, but until then, we're having fun.
Saturday: Up earlish to go to an SCA event. Stood around while everyone in attendance watched all of us Baronial Candidates to see if they could figure out who had won. Was kind of funny to hear everyone's guesses. Announcement was finally made. Lots of condolences and people telling us they thought it should have been us. Maybe next time. Till then, five years of no extra work! woo!
Left the event early to get home so I could get ready for a Shindig in the city with the Toronto Browncoats. There were LOTS of people there, including newbies! It's always great to get new people. Sat and chatted with a couple of them for most of the night. Got in trouble with [ profile] artemis_primie when I brought [ profile] elizalavelle her Buffy comic, but I knew I was in for that ;o) Had a very nice time and stayed till 11pm. Missed [ profile] styrofoam_guy though! And a warm welcome to [ profile] lionnesss!! Welcome to my realm of rant and the occassional fic post *G*

ETA: Oh, and just for [ profile] artemis_prime who wanted to read the cracky fic I was talking about on saturday, the entry is here :oD

Sunday: I went to a fashion show (eeep!) with my mom. Supposed to be a mother-daughter thing, but I had whinged and moaned about it so much, she asked someone else to go, not realizing I had caved and was going with her, so when she called saturday to let me off the hook and my hubby answered, he said, Oh no, she wants to go... Would have preferred just the two of us, as mother's friend liked to change the subject everytime I opened my mouth to contribute to a conversation. Ended up feeling like a third wheel when it should have been a nice bonding experience with my mother. Mother complained alot because there were no seats when we arrived so she had to stand, music was too loud, etc. etc. Embarrassing! But I won a door prize, a nice chenile sweater, a tshirt (that I'm giving to my mom cuz the colour doesn't suit me at all) and two necklaces and some earings. Good deal.
Mother came back to my place after (not friend) just as hubby's mother arrived for a visit too, so we showed off the newly renovated bedroom and chatted a while before they left.
Lazed away the rest of the day, chatting and watching LOST. Relaxing. :o)

Today: Back to work. Must do groceries tonight or starve. No fightpractice as the support staff at schools are on strike and all evening activities are cancelled. Hope to chat, maybe write some more tonight. And today.... writing writing writing! Lots to do!!
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Yes, I'm home, on a day off from work again. My last one before the Christmas break. I had to use it this week or carry it over to next year, and since I'll be bumping up to 5 weeks vacation next year anyway, why bother carrying over one day?

So, I drove the hubby into work and came back home, surfed for a while, was about to FINALLY sit down and watch Marie Antoinette on my darlin' wifey's reccomendation only to discover that the one I got is in Italian :o/ I dont' speak Italian. Not even enough to fake it. So, I'm trying another copy, or I'm going to have to break down and watch a Camcorder version. Oh, the horror! ;o)

Let's see, what else is new?

I have a lovely new blankey from Old Navy, it's knitted earthy colours, beiges and greys and browns and a burngundy; very lovely and cuddly and I snuggle up under it on the couch all the time :oD

I also bought myself a new winter jacket. It's one of those three-in-one style coats. The shell is predominantly green, with a white stripe downt he arm and flaring off the side pockets, with !Pink! piping, and a pink stripe at hte pocket with a little embroidered snow flake on each pocket side. The zipper tags also have the little snowflake design. The inner jacket is white fleesey stuff on one side and !Pink! nylon with white piping on the other side - reversible, thank-you very much! I really really like it. It's got it's (!Pink!) girly aspects and yet it's still very me *G* $100 on sale, I was pretty pleased.

Things are getting busier and busier the closer we get to the holidays. Went shopping thursday night and finished a lot of the family's gifts; Friday night we did groceries, but spent the rest of the night in. Saturday we went to Todd's mom's for dinner with her sister and family, which was nice. We left early to meet up with our friends at Montana's for G's 40th birthday (I know soo many people turning 40 right now) and apparently our timing was impeccible, since they'd been waiting near 2 hours for a table and had just sat down and got menus when we arrived. Gotta like that. Sunday we drove to a little town called Picton for some Christmas shopping (Todd had heard an add on the raido advertising it as a Christmas shopping location) but everything was closed!!! It was still a nice day and nice time, but there were a lot of stores I would have liked to go in to.

Today, as I said, is a day off. Did some cleaning, plan to pick up my mother and go out for lunch shortly, and then I'll go pick up the hubby from work. Tonight we'll finish wrapping prezzies and do more cleaning for tomorrow night when we have Todd's family over for dinner.

Non stop action :o)

On the Firefly front, I am just completely astounded, impressed, awed and so so proud of our fandom, browncoats and BDH's after this weekend. No other group could have pulled off this weekend on all fronts so wonderfully. Hats off to you all!
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Squeeee!! October is almost here!

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for teh Rouka....

Top 10 Ways To Tell You're Reading A Fic By [ profile] browncoat_2x2

2. Characters will end their dialog or thoughts with an elipses... to imply they are at a loss for words or trailing off in their thoughts.
3. There will be many gazes, looks, stares, eyeings and the averting of said, to the side, down, or just, generally, away.
4. Characters will always have 'verbed' while they are 'verbing' in almost every sentence.
5. There will be a Last Line With Meaning which might or might not feel clunky. (stole this from rouka, but it's true for me as well)
6. Everything will be written in block paragraphs.
7. There will be plot elements subtly (often too subtly) implied, to be, hopefully, gleaned through the subtle hints dropped.
8. Characters will usually be overwhelmed by one of the five senses when in close proximity to one another.
9. The story will end with a character smiling in reflection on future events to come.
10. ANGST!!!

And now, I'll add the two questions [ profile] agent_rouka posted in her journal:

-- What are your favorite fics of mine and why?
-- What would you like to see me write more of?

Answer these questions in the comments, then post them in your own journal.


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