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I found a Buddha last night!

It's white ceramic, but not a glossy finish, but more of a dull finish to look like stone or marble. It's in the chinese style and is about a foot and a half high and wide at the base!

I'm very happy! We stopped at a different Home Sense (discout decor, eh?) on the way home from dropping off my Laptop (*Weeeps!* No laptop till Friday!!) and found the Buddha, and two glass hanging lanterns with orangish coloured glass, and a ceramic bamboo pillar candlestick. Neato! Soon I am going to have to look into paint and fabric.

Have still only found one suitable round carpet, and it's $300 frakkin' dollars, so I'm not likely buying that one. No luck with a table yet either. But, I'll keep looking.

I'll do a pic spam post soon, to show off all my shiny trinkets!
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So, remember when my laptop's speakers weren't working, and I had to take it in to the service centre to get it fixed? Remember, how it was only like just over a week or so ago?

I remember.

Well, guess what?

The speakers aren't working right, again. *sigh* This time, they only work when I plug IN my headphones, then I get sound through both the speakers and the headphones, so it sounds like a bad wire, really, but it still means I have to go back in to the service centre, which is like, an hour out of my way after work. Bleah.

Such is life.

Also, in a completely unrelated question...

Why isn't anyone posting anything to their journals lately? Or is it just me?

And lastly, I am sooo pissed off about Universal's lawyers targeting 11th Hour. I'm beside myself in rage over how unfair and unjust this is. See if I ever pay money for another Universal product. Hun dans...
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Yes, I've a new fiasco to empart to you all. I'm disturbed by the alarming frequency with which I am able to make these updates, really. I mean, can't *ANYTHING* go right? )


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