Apr. 13th, 2008 07:06 am
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Well, it's time for my latest 5K - the Supercities Walk for MS!

I was didn't get in till after 1 am last night, and here I am up with the crack of dawn, eating my scalding hot oatmeal to make my insides all warm! :oD

The SUN IS OUT! Hurrah! They'd been calling for rain for most of the week, with the possibilities of FLURRIES today! Thank goodness now it's only supposed to be partly cloudy! YAY FOR NOT HAVING TO WALK IN THE RAIN!!!

So, for those of you who asked for a reminder about this, or anyone else who'd like to scrape a few bucks together to sponsor me, here's the LINK! :oD

Let's hope my knee, which I have over stressed this week between fight practice and changing my weight/seat location on the Leg Press at the gym, will cooperate and not leave me in a whinging puddle on the ground while everyone else walks around me *G*

AND! Because it's sunny, I'm gonna get to wear the new shoes!! SUH-WEET!!

Anyway, so, I don't know about breaking any time record or anything what with my knee, but it should be fun. I've assembled a team of my friends and family to walk with me, and I think we're just going to have a great time, walking and talking, shootin' the shit :o)

After today, I'll decided if I want to do the Triple A Walk for Asthma next month ;o)

And the last three - FOUR - sentences began with the letters 'a' and 'n'... How freaky is that?

SPONSOR ME!!! Team Fischerati!!! OR Melanie Fischer!!! I know you want to, *you* know you want to!


Mar. 30th, 2008 05:06 pm
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Hello FLIST!!!

So, I'm doing another 5K walk, this time to support Multiple Sclerosis, and I'm asking YOU for your support! Any ammount would be excellent and very appreciated!!!

So if you would like to sponsor me and help find a cure for MS, you can go HERE and click on the Pledge a WALKer link, and enter my name - MELANIE FISCHER - to make a donation On-Line with a credit card. Or, alternately, you can pledge to my team - Team Fischerati.

Or, if you'd rather pleadge via PAYPAL, you can send to my account, OR if you'd rather send a cheque in the mail, e-mail me at browncoat.2x2 @ gmail.com and I will give you the pertinent information.

SO, please consider sponsoring me! The Walk is APRIL 13!!!


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