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[ profile] isha_libran wrote me sad, wonderful birthday fic, with Mal comforting Inara and engine wine and truths and pasts and so much lovely!!!!

You can read it here and you all should, right this moment.

Thank-you so much darlin'!!!! *hugs*
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Believe it or not, yes :oD
It's Mal/Simon, Mal/Inara, written from Inara's point of view, and it presents things with just the right subtle shift in perspective that I can find the Mal/Simon possibility much stronger than I ever have before. And it is wonderfully written!

Don't worry, I'm not going to be writing any Mal/Simon in the near future, but do check out Companion by [ profile] saestina, it is well worth the read.

Fic Rec

Feb. 8th, 2007 07:26 pm
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My homegirl [ profile] homespunfic (can I call you homegirl, darlin? *G*) Wrote this beautiful little Inara piece, and I simply must point you all to it, flist. [ profile] homespunfic is an extraordinary writer who can capture so much so beautifully with her words. Definately one of my favourites.

So, go and read it now!!
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My wonderful friend Ness, who not only gives me Chinese lessons, has written me this lovely little Inara fic at the Training House, and I just wanted to share it with you all, because she deserves some pimpage for this :o)

So, head on over the and read My Heart Don't Wish To Roam by Ness, written as a Christmas prezzie for yours truly!

Thanks again darlin!
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I wanted to give a rec out to [ profile] homespunfic's WIP Down the Rabbit Hole because it has been an absolute pleasure to read and I think you all need to and check it out. It's a Mal and Simon story - NOT Mal/Simon as the Cortex listed - and she does a beautiful job with Mal and Simon's characters. The dialogue, the insight, the very obviousness of their different views and beliefs - she captures it all wonderfully. I love her Mal. She even makes me really like Simon, who's always been more of a secondary character for me. But this is some of the best stuff I've seen, it's well written, well paced and really deserves to be read. So do yourself a favour, check out Down the Rabbit Hole and leave her some feedback!!

Fic Rec!

Oct. 29th, 2006 01:30 am
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Go and read this story by [ profile] agent_rouka because you probably missed it, and it's well worth the read! Plus, new fic - from la rouka!!!!


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