CHOICES: Part 16
by[ profile] browncoat_2x2

Word Count: approx. 4,511 words
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Post series, pre BDM
Characters/Pairing: Mal/Inara, Crew
Summary: Mal and Zoe try to find out what Inara was injected with, Kaylee and Jayne talk about bounty hunters and Kaylee’s fear, Simon apologizes, Inara gets an invitation, and Gabr’elle takes her leave.
Notes:Well, it’s been… I don’t even know how long. But I’m still trudging along here. Thanks once again go to my Hearts of Gold for all their support and help as I pick away at this story one word at a time. You are the best!

CHOICES: Part 16 )
Choices - Part 15
by [ profile] browncoat_2x2

Word Count: approx. 4714
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Mal/Inara, Simon
Spoilers: Takes place post Series but pre BDM. Ignores the comic Those Left Behind.
Summary: Simon has enough of his patients ignoring his advice, Inara worries there's a conspiracy afoot, and Mal finds out the truth about Inara's health.
Author's Notes: A HUGE thanks goes out to [ profile] gilliebeans for all the hours of chatting and reading and commenting and coaxing the words out of me for this one. You rock, darlin'. Thanks also to [ profile] charlie_bz who also read and gave suggestions, and a few tips too! You were a great help! And lastly thanks go to [ profile] canker_canison, who wrote me a scene to try and help me past my block, which was unfortunately lost when my hard drive died. Love you, baby :o)


Part 15 )
Title: CHOICES – Part 14 D
Author: 2x2

Word Count: approx. 2402
Spoilers: Post-Series, Pre-Those Left Behind
Paring: Mal/Inara, Crew
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Still toiling away, slowly but kinda surely. The end grows closer.
Thanks as always to the loverly [ profile] terimaru for graciously reading this over when I forced it down her chat window ;o)
Oh yeah, and I’ve taken away the ‘Epilogue’ for Part 14, because it’s gone way past being an Epilogue and into a full part, so… that’s where I’m at! :o) Thanks for reading!


Part 14 D )
Title: CHOICES – Part 14 C
Author: 2x2

Word Count: approx. 2426
Spoilers: Post-Series, Pre-Those Left Behind
Paring: Mal/Inara, Crew
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Yeah, I’m still trying to finish this monster. A little bit closer, but still a long way to go yet, I think. Thanks to those still hangin’ in with me. Special thanks to [ profile] gilliebeans for the last minute read through :o)

Part 14 C )
Title: CHOICES – Part 14 B
Author: 2x2

Word Count: approx. 2281
Spoilers: Post-Series, Pre-Comic
Paring: Mal/Inara, Crew
Rating: PG
Author's Note: I know it's not a lot, but, I thought it would be better than nothing, considering how long it's been, to get this little bit put out. So, a little Christmas gift to myself and to those of you still holding out hope that I'll finish this (and I still swear I will, though, it's a little past it's prime now)
Special thanks as usual go to [ profile] terimaru and [ profile] coquillagement, who have put up with much whinging and self doubt and whininess on my part. Love ya, gals. This is for you.

Part 14 B )
Title: CHOICES – Part 14 A
Author: by 2x2

Word Count: 3005
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Series.
Pairing/Characters: Mal/Inara, Crew
Author's Note: Well, it has been a while, hasn't it? Six months since my last post, and I am sincerely sorry for the long delay. This just did not want to come out of me for the longest time. Many thanks to my [ profile] terimaru and [ profile] coquillagement for their help constantly bolstering my spirits and reading over all my bits and pieces. You are made of teh awesome!
For those of you still reading, thanks for sticking around, I hope you enjoy.
Place your mouse over the Chinese in the text for the translations.


Part 14 A  )
Title: CHOICES – Part 13 D
Author: by 2x2

Characters: Mal/Inara
Word Count: 6803
Rating: R for Violence
Spoilers: Series.
Author's Note: Many thanks to [ profile] terimaru for her many hours of support, encouragment and beta help, and for listening to me whine and mope when I just couldn't write. :o)

I decided to try using the 'span' tag this time, so, place your mouse over the Chinese in the text for the translation, and many thanks for reading!

We're in the home stretch now, folks. Only the epilogue remains, coming soon, (I hope).

Choices – Part 13 D )
Title: CHOICES – Part 13 C
Author: by 2x2

Word Count:2851
Rating: R for Violence
Spoilers: Series.
Author's Note: Nearly the end. I’ve broken this into two parts, so this one's a bit shorter, and there’ll be a part D coming as soon as it’s finished, and then the final epilogue. I want this done by the end of October, so cross your fingers for me! Again, I have to give special, special thanks to [ profile] terimaru for all her unending encouragement, and to [ profile] coquillagement for reminding me of my responsibilities. Thank-you both!

Choices – Part 13 C )
Title: CHOICES – Part 13 B
Author: by 2x2

Word Count: 3995 words
Character / Pairing: Mal/Inara
Rating: PG to PG13
Spoilers: Series.
Author's Note: It has become apparent that Part 13 is going to be longer than I originally expected, and so, it will be in three pieces, if not more. I’m still plugging away, trying to get everything worked out and wrapped up the way I need to, but the bulk of the next part is already done. I make no promises on when it will be finished though, since I never meet the deadlines anyways. As usual, my thanks go to all of you who continue to read and support my little story, with Special thanks to the Quills INC gals (you know who you are) and to [ profile] greyfable for inspiring me to keep writing and finish this thing.

Choices - Part 13 B )

Title: CHOICES – Part 13 A
Author: by 2x2

Word Count: 5817
Rating: R for Violence
Spoilers: Series. Mentions elements of 'Heart of Gold'.
Disclaimer: I don't own Firefly. Firefly owns me.
Characters/Pairing: Mal/Inara
Dedication: To [ profile] terimaru for taking the time to read the whole damn thing just to help me out; for being my sounding board and digging me out of the details, and asking the questions that made me realize I knew what was going to happen all along; for her suggestions and beta work and most of all for her tireless support through endless hours of chat. Thank-you.
Author's Note: Well, it's been more than a heck of long time since I last updated and for that I apologize. The road to this last chapter has been a long and hard one, but at last the end is in sight. Many, many thanks go out to those of you who have waited so patiently for this part, for your comments and gentle nudges to finish, and just for continuing to want to read it. Without you, there wouldn't be much point in writing this, would there?
This part, Part 13, will be the final chapter in this story, posted in three sections, with an Epilogue to follow.

Choices – Part 13 A )
Choices – Part 12 B
by 2x2

Word Count: 5120
Rating: R for violence
A/N: Long time coming for this part, and longer than the norm, but we're into the home stretch at last. Thank-you everyone who has continued to read and support this story.

Part 12 B )
For those of you who've been following my dramatic tale of trying to write, I've posted the next part in my story Choices. I'm not as pleased with this part as some of the others, and as I've said here, I sense I've lost the feel for the story somewhat. At any rate, I guess it's okay, and it's at least a step closer to finishing the whole tale. Thanks to everyone who has offered me support and encouragement, this one's for you!

Choices – Part 12 A
by 2x2

Rating: PG13 for violence and light discussions of torture and drug use
Disclaimer: Not mine, just borrowing, no money, you know the drill.
Word Count: 3618 approx.

Choices - Part 12 A )
Choices – Part 11 D
by 2x2

Part 11 D )
Choices - Part 11 C
by 2x2

Part 11 C )
Choices – Part 11 B
by 2x2

Part 11 B )
Choices – Part 11 A
by 2x2

Part 11 A )
Choices – Part 10
by 2x2

Part 10 )
Choices – Part 9
by 2x2

A/N Hi all… still sick here, but hopefully a little more coherent than I have been… I’m going to try and take this into a little more serious plot now… Who’d have thought? This was supposed to be a short little vignette, one small scene, and now it’s really taken off! I owe it all to those of you who’ve read and supported this story. I can’t think of a better bunch of people to write for! Thank-you so much.

Part 9 )
Choices - Part 8
by 2x2

A/N: This was originally posted in three parts, but is combined into one complete Part 8 here.

Part 8 )
Choices - Part 7
by 2x2

Part 7 )



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