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I've been working on a new 'Invader Zim' Layout design for [ profile] terimaru, and while it's not 100% finished, it is mostly done and I must say I am extremely pleased with this one!!!!

This is the coolest thing evah (if I do say so myself *G*). You can see it in my test LJ [ profile] 2x2_layout_test or you can check it out at [ profile] terimaru's LJ right now (even though it still needs some work *G*)

A word of caution, there are some glitches when viewing with Firefox that I'll have to iron out, so for the best effect, use IE for now, thnx.

Seriously, I am totally stoked over this layout! Can you say *addicted*?!! :oD


Aug. 21st, 2007 10:02 pm
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I'm all a-squee with myself tonight :oDDDD

Doing more work on the webcomic layout... I added the link to the archives and customized the calendar, and I must say it looks effing Sweet!! I'm feeling very clever for figuring out how to set it up all pretty the way I wanted (yay me!) and I can't stop looking at it! Hee!

I am totally loving this .css customizing stuff!!

So, please, take a look at it and let me know what you think!
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*Stretches langourously*

I'm at home today, flist. No, not sick. Tired. :o) We both slept through our alarm today, and when we did wake up and my husband rushed downstairs, he stepped on the bottoms of his too-long sleep panst and ended up sliding down the stairs in a rather bumpy and painful manner!

So, it was an email to work to take today as a vacation day so I could take him to get looked at. He's fine, so far.

Thus, I'm home, which means I have time to actually post!

Spending MONEY!!! )


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