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I got my Kids Need to Read package today!!!!

In my hands is a shiny new copy of PJ Haarsma's The Softwire, book 1 of the Rings of Orbis, signed by both PJ Haarsma and Nathan Fillion!!!! W00T! There's also a picture of the two of them that's signed by both as well, a book mark signed by PJ, and an art card signed by one of the artists. Also in the package was a Rings of Orbis necklace, some stickers, a button, and a cd with the first three chapters of the book read by Nathan, and some art.

Pretty cool all in all, plus, all proceeds go to help libraries in need get books into the hands of kids. A worthy cause indeed.

My package cost $50 (plus $19 for shipping) and there's a limited number, so if you're interested, you should check out the Kids Need To Read website!!

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Title: A Laser, A Journal, and A Man: Part 1
Author: 2x2

Word Count: Part 1: 3363
Spoilers: Set during the series, post Trash, but pre Heart of Gold.
Characters/Pairings: Mal/Inara/Saffron. Yes, that's what I said ;o)
Rating: Part 1: PG-13 for Language and Sexual themes. Overall, NC-17. Sexual situations of a graphic nature, aka Smut. Language.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, nor am I affiliated with Mutant Enemy, Fox, Universal or anyone else related to the Firefly 'verse. I just like to play with 'em.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] noneofyours who won my ho!fic writing skillz in the Sweet Charity Ho auction and asked for a Mal/Inara/Saffron threesome. This was also due at the end of May, and I am very late and a bad 2x2, but I hope the story makes up for it, darlin'. I'm giving you Part 1 now cuz I want you to have something to tide you over while I wrestle this fic to its conclusion.
Warning: I have to admit, though I tried very hard to make this as plausible as possible, I could not avoid the crackiness entirely, so I hope you forgive me. I've used ***** to denote a switch of POV because I am a bad writer and both Mal and Inara kept talking at me, making me see things from their perspective. Mouseover the chinese for translations.

ETA: *Facepalm* I am the worst friend ever!!! Woe!!! I forgot to thank [ profile] terimaru, [ profile] agent_rouka and [ profile] coquillagement for all their support, discussion, and advice while I've been working on this!!! Thank you all *SO* much!!! You know I couldn't do this without you!! *Massive Hugs and Eternal Apologies!!* I Love you all!!!!

A Laser, A Journal, and A Man: Part 1 )
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The Can't Stop the Serenity Global Charity Screening has reached it's 2007 target of $100,000 US raised for Equality Now!!!

Browncoats rock my socks :oD
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And the Bidding has begun!

So, is your own personal firefly story written by yours truly worth anything to you? A dollar? Ten dollars? All in the name of not crushing my ego charity?! A good cause?

Then go on over and bid on my Sweet Ho self! Your choice of pairing! Your choice of fluffy vs. angst, or whatever situation you'd like! And there's a deadline! What's that? A deadline? YES! One guarenteed finished story by the end of May! All for a good cause.

So what are you waiting for? Bid now! :oD Bid often! :oD

Sweet Charity


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