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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] artemis_prime!!!!

Hope you have a fantastic day!
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Happy Belated Birthday [ profile] quillscribe!!!

I hope you had a wonderful day!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] inara223!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] hjea!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] hfleming8!!!


I hope you all have wonderful, fantastic days *HUGS ALL*
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] terimaru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you have the most wonderful day in the universe today, darlin'!

*super spinny hugs of lurve*

I wish I was there :o( Miss you!!!!!! *hug hug hug*
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Happy Birthday [ profile] greyfable

Hope your day is the best!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] canker_canison!!!!!

Birthday hugs and kisses to my hubby! *HUGS* *KISSES* I hope you have a great, stress-free, happy day, hunny bunny! *LOVE YOU*
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] goldy_dollar!!!!!!

You're officially completely and utterly removed from your teen years now! Wheee! And 21 is my FAVOURITEST number of all, so it shall be a goood year for you *nods nods*

I hope you have a FABULOUS DAY and may all of Doctor Who Fandom finally see the light and realize you're right! *G*




MERRY ANNIVERSARY [ profile] agent_rouka!!!!

I can't believe it's been two years already - TWO YEARS!!!!

May you have the fluffiest of fluffy hair days, filled with delicious cups of coffee and surprise cake! (even if you buy some yourself, it's still a surprise *G*) and a day filled with inspiring artsy thoughts!


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[ profile] isha_libran wrote me sad, wonderful birthday fic, with Mal comforting Inara and engine wine and truths and pasts and so much lovely!!!!

You can read it here and you all should, right this moment.

Thank-you so much darlin'!!!! *hugs*
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Shiny, shiny drabble fic written just for me for my birthday by the most amazing [ profile] homespunfic!!!! And she has let me repost here for all you lucky flisters to see too. And it is the most perfectest evah!!

Also, it's HILARIOUS!!! Read this now!!! :oDDDDD

*HUGE HUGGLES* Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH darlin'est!!!!! You are my hero!!! <3's you!

Happy Birthday Mel by [ profile] homespunfic

“Gorram, Mal, you gotta drag us someplace is so damn cold?” Jayne Cobb had been stamping and bitching and blowing on his hands the whole walk from Serenity and Mal had heard about enough.

“We go where the work is, Jayne. You got such a problem with that, you can take your delicate ass back to Serenity, along with any claim to your cut.”

“Never said I wasn’t in,” Jayne grumbled, walking alongside. “Just said as it was cold.”

“Yeah, well pull your momma’s hat down further. Got another few blocks.” Mal shivered inside his own browncoat. January in Ontario weren’t exactly tropic weather, but he didn’t need Jayne to see that he was cold. He pulled a paper from his pocket with gloved fingers, checking the address. The house description matched what he was seeing a hundred yards ahead. “Here’s the place,” he directed Jayne.

“’bout time,” Jayne grumbled as they climbed the stairs and Mal rang the bell. “Hope she opens up quicklike. It’s cold as a witch’s---”

“Jayne ” Mal warned as the door opened.


Both men jerked their heads up in surprise at the blonde-haired woman who stood at the threshold. “Oh, I’ve heard it all.” She gave them a knowing smile. “Said most of it. So come on inside.”

Mal glanced at Jayne - be alert - before stepping from the porch into the house, truthfully thankful for a reprieve from the weather. He pulled off his gloves. “I’m---”

“--- Captain Reynolds,” she nodded, “and this would be Jayne. I’m Mel.”

Mal shook her proffered hand. It was stained several colors, the most prominent being red. “Pleased to meet you. You in charge?”

“I’m the one who called you,” Mel laughed, “so I guess you could say I’m in charge. Me and Todd. Looking to conquer the t-shirt market of the verse. Need someone to ship my goods, and you come highly recommended.”

“I’m glad to hear it.” Mal relaxed at her familiarity, finding himself put at ease by the plain-folk treasures proudly decorating the entryway, even as Jayne whispered to him.

“There’s weapons on the walls.”

“Just a letter opener, Mr. Cobb. I could put it away if it makes you nervous.”

“Don’t make me nervous,” Jayne huffed, clearly offended.

Mel grinned. “Why don’t you come this way and we can talk business,” she offered. “Can I get you something to drink? Beer? Tea?”

“Tea!” Jayne volunteered eagerly.

“Tea’d be fine,” Mal agreed as Mel led them to a warmly colored sitting room and left to obtain beverages.

“Mal” Jayne nudged his elbow.

“Yeah, I see it,” Mal answered, ignoring the flips his stomach was turning. The room was carefully decorated with the rich colors and intricate Asian carvings he’d come to associate with - hell, would always associate - with Inara.

“You think they got whores?” Jayne stood a little taller.

“I’m afraid we’re fresh out,” Mel said, returning with a teapot and cups on a tray.

Mal pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you,” Mel continued, apparently not fazed in the least by Jayne’s lack of social skills. “I can see how you would be misled. The truth is I have always admired the color schemes and fine art you’d find in a Companion dwelling, and so I did appropriate the trappings, if not the occupation.” She handed Jayne his tea, and offered a box of long thin sticks.

“What’s these?”

“Pocky,” she smiled, offering some to Mal as well. A friend imports them for me. These are dark chocolate. They’re considered to be the manliest of the available flavors.”

“ I’f gooh,” Jayne managed, crumbs dropping from his mouth as he reached for more. Satisfied his merc was too busy to manage any more deal-threatening insults, Mal turned to Mel.

“I appreciate the hospitality. Now, about the job.”

“Right.” Mel pulled out some files. “Just started up this business, and already we’re getting orders from the States and from here. We’re ready to become wealthy and successful, except the gorram package service insists on getting in our way. Did you know it costs more to ship a shirt domestically than to ship it out of the country?”

“Doesn’t surprise me,” Mal answered, trying his pocky. It was surprisingly good. He wondered vaguely if Inara supplied her clients with pocky.

“It’s robbery, is what it is,” Mel stated emphatically. “Any profit I can make on sales lines the pockets of those hundans. I might as well not be in business.”

“And yet, you are.”

‘We are indeed, Captain. People are always looking for new and interesting t-shirts, and they deserve to have them.” She gave Jayne’s shirt an appreciative look – that part of it that wasn’t stained by tea. “I like your design.”

“ ‘n I like yours,” Jayne winked, mouth still full of pocky.

Mal groaned inwardly. “And so, the job?”

“The product is completely legitimate, Captain Reynolds. No risk to you. I would just like to move it with a little less bite taken out of it. I am told you have a gift for making that happen.”

“I’d have to concur, particularly when it comes to cargo won’t bite me, ain’t bearin’ a government stamp, or won’t make my ship go splodey.”

“Then we’re good on all three accounts. I can promise you short runs, and repeat work.” She looked again at Jayne. “And free custom shirts for your man here, providing he tells folk where he got ‘em.”

“Free?” Jayne tilted his head at her. “Anythin’ I want?”

“Anything that won’t get you arrested.”

“I’m good with that,” Mal agreed. “I’d say we have a deal. And you have a posterboy.”

Jayne finished the last of the pocky as Mel and Mal finished their agreement. Be good to have steady work, Mal thought, especially with a customer didn’t seem to be playing them. Just more hard working folk. Wouldn’t mind dropping back from time to time. See the shop. Watch them succeed. He’d just have to take their meetings in a different room, was all. Would like seeing Mel. Just not with his gut twisted up every time. And there was no way that room weren’t gonna twist his gut.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] agent_rouka!!!!!!

*birthday hugs and squishes*

It's slightly early my time, but I know it's already the 13th your time (and I really should be in bed) so I went ahead and posted!

I hope you have a lovely, wonderful, excellent day, and that you are pampered and spoiled by everyone~!!!

And try not to think you're almost 25! *grin!smirk*

Happy happy!!!!! *HUGGGGGGGGGGGGS*


Aug. 24th, 2007 11:27 am
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Happy Birthday [ profile] quillscribe!!!!

Hope you have a lovely day! :oD
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Birthday's abound!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] hjea!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] hflemming8!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] inara223!



I hope you all have a wonderful day!!! *hugs and kisses to all*
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So, party for the brother-in-law is over. Not as highly attended this year as last year, but it conflicted with a few things so that hurt the numbers, so it was a smaller affair this year. But it was nice! We played this card came called Three Dragon Ante, which was actually pretty fun, and our friend gave us two expansion sets to our little card game Bang! but we never got around to playing it.

Ended up watching Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, which is a righteous rock opera-esque parody movie. It's so great, and it was tons of fun to watch.

Now I'm online, playing at making my first animated icon - something special :oD - and NO ONE is online to talk to me!!! Everyone else has gone to bed here, and I'm up all alone. Surely there's someone out there who's as bored as I am tonight?
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Heh. It's been... how many years since the X-Files went off the air? And how many since I completely fell out of that fandom? And yet, I still remember that today is Dana Scully's birthday (yes, I mean the character, not Gillian Anderson - that's august *G*) It just kinda makes me laugh, the things that stick with you.

So, happy birthday to Scully, my first girl-crush *G*
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] xfirefly9x!!!! I hope your Birthentine's Day is wonderful! :oD
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*Stretches langourously*

I'm at home today, flist. No, not sick. Tired. :o) We both slept through our alarm today, and when we did wake up and my husband rushed downstairs, he stepped on the bottoms of his too-long sleep panst and ended up sliding down the stairs in a rather bumpy and painful manner!

So, it was an email to work to take today as a vacation day so I could take him to get looked at. He's fine, so far.

Thus, I'm home, which means I have time to actually post!

Spending MONEY!!! )
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Squeeee!! *feels the LJ Love*

Many Many MANY thanks to all the birthday wishes!! You ROCK flist!!!!

MMMMMmmmmm, Efffff Liiisssst.... :oD

I'm Thirty-Five today.

I do not feel like I should be thirty-five. I don't even really feel much like I should be thirty. I think I'm perpetually twenty-something on the inside. It's funny how thirty-five can seem like such a significant age, but really, there's no big deal. It's just another birthday. *shrug* And that's my 'waxing philosophical' for the day ;o)

Had friends over last night to play games and chat and watch Robot Chicken (I love that show!) and it was very nice. Played 'Bang!' which was a big hit - just a little stocking-stuffer card game I'd given to the hubby for Christmas, but it's really fun - and played a new LOTR 2 player game kind of like stratego that a friend gave me, and had a few matches of crokinole... was fun, relaxed and quiet. I was also given a game called Citadel, but we didn't get to it.One friend stayed over and we had great kitchen table conversation this morning.

And now I'm just relaxing... reading my b-day wishes and contemplating where all the crap I emptied out of my computer desk drawer is going to go *G* Yes, cleaning up the comptuer desk... I have over 1000 paperclips and over 30000 staples. And WHO NEEDS THIS MANY PENS?! I ask you, honestly...

But, tonight I go to my parent's place for REAL hamburgers on the BARBEQUE! (my dad cooks them on the back porch, standing in the falling snow! wheee!) and after that - ICE CREAM CAKE!!!!! *bounces* Yes, ice cream cake in the winter - what??!! It's a perfectly logical time to eat it! :oP

*huggles flist and everyone else too*

I'm off to do fun cleaning things - gosh, I really *am* old! *G*

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Here's more of your Birthday Virtual Tour, darlin'!!! There will be virtual birthday spankings at the end of the tour *G*
(and I'm noticing that LJ has changed it's posting screen slightly. Hmmm.)

Let's get started! )

And that concludes the sewing/library/music room!

I think that's enough for today's portion of the tour. Tomorrow, meet back here and we'll continue on to 2x2's computer room where she keeps her Firefly/Serenity shine! Oooooh!

Don't forget to stop off in our gift shop on your way out, and please consider leaving a donation at the door!

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Happy birthday, darlin'! :oD


I would sing you 'Happy Birthday' but you won't be able to hear it, (and truthfully, this post is going to be big enough without writing all that out - aw, what the heck!)

*clears throat*
*cough cough*

Happy Birthday to youuuuu!
Happy Birthdayy too yooooouuu!
Happy Birthdayyy darlin' rouka!!!!
Happy Birthdaaayyyy Toooooooo Youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

As promised, for you specail day, I present to you (behind the cut cuz it's big, darlin'. 29 pictures big.)

A Virtual Tour in Pictures of 2x2's Home - Part One )

Anyway, I hope you have a delightful, wonderful, perfect day, dearest one. And just think - You're practically 24 now!!! ;oD

Many, many birthday wishes, darlin', and *HUGS and KISSES*



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