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I painted these nesting dolls for next week's Can't Stop the Serenity auction in Toronto! I hope they go for a decent price! They were a ton of fun to do :o)

Serenity Nesting Dolls )

Art Contest

Feb. 5th, 2011 09:56 pm
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Thanks to the fact that they extended the window for submissions, I was able to complete and submit an entry for the 2011 Can't Stop the Serenity art contest this year!

I think the design's pretty good; I'm pleased with how it turned out, so with luck, you might see my design on all the 2011 CSTS merchandise and promo stuff this year :o)

I'll be giving you all a reminder when it comes time to vote ;oD

Mark *ME*

Jul. 16th, 2007 05:15 am
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I am *so* lucky!

You, you reading this right now, you must head over to [ profile] elizalavelle's icon comm [ profile] rage_my_darling to see the pretties she has made for me! Squeeeeeee!!!!

Yes, she made me icons, icons for my fic!!! *iz dead* And some of them are hawt!!! *motions to above icon and fans self*

Things like this are why 1) friends rock and 2) the art meme kicks ass!
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So, Uterina and Braina are on their way to Germany, in a voyage that almost wasn't!

I went to my local UPS store where a friend of mine works, who, unfortunately, was not there today (due to the fact that he was having surgery to repair damage to his cuticle after his finger got broken in a strange accident at fight practice when his finger somehow became exposed outside of his protective basket hilt, and my husband's sword hit it. Karma is a wonderful thing) so I had to deal with less competant other girl who works there.

Spent half an hour filling out UPS's forms and waiting to be served (with my friend away, she was short handed - which is kinda a pun, when you consider it was cuz he hurt his hand... *cough*) Anyway. Got my package all weighed up and filled out and entered into the computer only to hear "Cheapest I can do is $115."

When I picked my jaw up off the floor and felt my heart sink into my shoes (because there's just no way I could spend that much money to send something homemade that doesen't even *have* a monetary value) she informed me I could send it via Canada Post instead - for a fee since this was a UPS store.

$18 later, 2x2's heart has climbed back up to her waist at least, and Uterina and Braina are dumped in a tub to await travel by truck, boat, train, and truck again, to the far away land of Germany. With luck, they will arrive in about six weeks. *head!desk* I wish it could be sooner :o/

Apparently, UPS didn't even off the option of ground (read boat) service, anything international is automatically set as AIR, Expedited. Hun dans.

Anyway, they're on their way, due to arrive around... July *moans*
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I am nearly, nearly done [ profile] coquillagement's art meme project - there's still some physical sewing to do, but the cutting and layout are done, and she's given me the go ahead to post pictures, so...

Pictures behind the cut... )
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I've completed [ profile] agent_rouka's art meme project, and as she'd like to see pictures rather than wait for them to arrive in the mail...

Pictures behind the cut )
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*giggles gleefully*

Just completed [ profile] agent_rouka's sekrit art meme project!! Wheee!! I'm very pleased with how 'it' looks :oD Some parts came out a little rougher than I'd have liked, but overall, I'm giggling like crazy *G*

So, it's up to you my darlin' Rouka as to whether or not I post pictures here, or if you'd like to wait until you get the finished product in the mail... I'll be sending 'it' out as soon as I get those few discs ready for you, (plus the goodies I procrastinated sending, finally)

heeee! Hee hee hee!
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Grumm has arrived safe and sound at [ profile] terimaru's skool after a four day journey through the postal system :oD

You can see pictures of him here and I'm sure Grumm will be posting himself in [ profile] grumm_sees_you before long.

He's a clever little thing, my Grumm! Stealing keys and hacking computers... I miss him already!! :oD
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... from Tattoo number two!

Yes, I'm getting another. Already. :oD

We went in to book the appointment tonight, next tuesday, 4:00.

The hubby's getting a celtic cross on his left forearm - the cross matches a pendent he gave me years ago. I'm getting a norse serpent, the one I use for my heraldry in my medieval group. These tattoos are a bit bigger and more expensive than the last two, but we wanted to get them done before summer really hits since you can't go swimming or expose them to direct sunlight for three weeks - just in time for our trip to the east coast :oD

So. Yeah. hee hee! I'm excited again!

In other news.... I finally shipped Grumm off to [ profile] terimaru yesterday. He should arrive in about one week! You can see pictures of him in his community [ profile] grumm_sees_you! I painted my GIR sculpture, but I coudln't get the right blue for his eyes and accents, so I had to do the best I could. He looks good though, his mouth looks perfect! hee! I'll post pictures later..

Ummm, let's see, what else....

Hubby and I bought some herbs on the weekend and some peppers, which we've now planted in some planters. We're bringing them inside during the night as it's still pretty cold here after dark, but soon it will be warm enough to leave them out all the time. We got some basil, rosemary, mint, oregano, and a few other things. I hope they live! :oD

We took everything out of the shed on the weekend and then our neighbour was throwning away four of his park style benches so we asked him for them. The wood is rotten, but the irons are fine, so... Project!! :oD

Umm... that's all for now I guess...Saw Spiderman 3, but I'm not in the mood to write a review ;oP We've got a wedding this weekend, and one the following week too, so busy busy in the near future!

I hope everyone's having a fine spring so far! *hugs and kisses to all*
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I bought this modelling paste from Curry's the other day, it's basically like a clay but made with some sort of vegetable matter from what it says, and it air hardens, so no need for a kiln.

Last night I pulled it out and started playing around with it, getting a feel for how it can be worked, and then got the idea to make a little sculpture of Gir from Invader ZiM.

Here's how he looks so far:

Gir, in statue form. )
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Abstract Green )
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Okay, after trying to upload this, I officially like Google Video waaaay more than YouTube (what a pain in the a$$)

So, after playing with the animated web banner and icon, I remembered my first attempt at animation, and thought I'd share it with you all. :o)

This is a little video I made about fifteen years ago one afternoon with a video camera and a bunch of lego. This was the first time I did any real stop-motion style animation. It took about three hours to do this bit.

Some of the scenes just move by too quickly to really see what's going on, but you can see the Brown Blanket Mountains in the background in one shot, and the Land of Rainbows (my rainbow covered wallpaper - god, did I *really* have rainbows all over my walls?) in another as this was filmed entirely in my room on my little desk. *G*

I remember lending the video to some friends of mine so they could use it in their media class *G* I got an A!

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*Stretches langourously*

I'm at home today, flist. No, not sick. Tired. :o) We both slept through our alarm today, and when we did wake up and my husband rushed downstairs, he stepped on the bottoms of his too-long sleep panst and ended up sliding down the stairs in a rather bumpy and painful manner!

So, it was an email to work to take today as a vacation day so I could take him to get looked at. He's fine, so far.

Thus, I'm home, which means I have time to actually post!

Spending MONEY!!! )
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Made another little picture while workin' on icons. This one I call Kiss Me, and even though all the images are taken from screencaps, (thanks to the picture has the look of a digital painting. Very interesting. I've moved and tilted Mal's head closer to Inara, and added the shuttle background, then played with the colour balance and contrast a bit. Nothing too complex, but a nice, warm result. Thinkin' I might start makin' pictures to accompany my fiction... at least it's firefly related, and creative!

Kiss Me )
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I decided to create a few icons for myself, and in the process made this picture, which I think turned out well considering I haven't played with Photoshop in a very long time. It even inspired a poem:

Breaks My Heart )


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