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Title: Surviving
Written for Round 4 Challenge 1 of [ profile] big_damn_quests as Zoe
Word Count: 202

Challenge 1
How did you survive the toughest battle of your life?

It was Wash.

And it wasn't a gun fight, or any battle in the war, though some of those were damn tough.

Toughest battle I ever survived was learning to put it behind me, and to love again. Healin'. That's what he gave me, a chance to heal, to learn that there was still life worth livin', and that it could be damn fine too, despite all the horror that had come before - maybe even because of it.

Wash let me climb back out of the darkness into the light, let me see that love still existed and that I could still feel it, that I could still have it. Let me find me again.

Wasn't easy. Some are still caught in that place, still lost from themselves, living in the dark, doing penance. Wash gave me a chance at forgiveness, for myself and for the rest of the 'verse too.

Gave me the best damn years of my life.

Second toughest battle was leaving him in that chair. But he'd taught me what I needed to survive, and I have. And now, cause of him, there's someone new to love and learn with.

And I wouldn't trade that love for nothin'.
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Title: Always Had Faith
Written for Round 4 Challenge 2 of [ profile] big_damn_quests as Zoe
Word Count: 103

Challenge 2
Do you have faith in a higher power that guides your life? Fate, Karma, God, anything?

Faith in a higher power? That was always Mal's thing, the Captain, back in the war.

Back before the surrender.

That day broke him. But before then, oh yeah, he was full of holy piss and vinegar. Kept us going through the worst of it, his faith that we would win, that our cause was just and God would see to it. Almost made you believe too, he was so fervent about it.

Never did put too much stock in the higher powers myself though. Just didn't seem likely, in the face of it all. Mal though; always had faith in the Captain.
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Title:Loved and Lost
Written for Round 4 Challenge 3 of [ profile] big_damn_quests as Zoe
Word Count: 105

Challenge 3
Do you believe in true love? Have you ever felt it?

Believe in it? I lived it. Can’t say for sure I’d still be standing here if it weren’t for it.

I think all love is true, really. Love isn’t false, it’s only people that are. That’s not to say it doesn’t hurt, or there ain’t pain. Love’s the biggest kind of hurt there is. Without love there’s no loss, and we’ve known a lot of loss. Means we’ve known plenty of love, too.

It’s hard, loving and losing. Don’t think there’s anything harder. But that’s part of what makes it all worthwhile, worth fighting for.

Never regretted loving and I ain’t about to start now.


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